Welcome to ADJ!

ADJ Manufacturing Products and services LLC
ADJ is a specialist company in Reworks, Inspection, Sorting, Containment, Assembly, Subassembly, Packaging and Labeling materials, Maquila in House and Outsourcing.


Assembly, Sorting, Reworks of Plastic and Metal Components, manual and automatic millings.

Industrial Maintenance

Pneumatic, hydraulic and welding installation.


Fixtures, designs & integration, fabrication of pieces.


According client requirements: kits, quantity or bags.


Consignment, Distribution and Shelter.


We have extensive experience in marketing and manufacturing of industrial equipment.

Why ADJ?

Warehouse and Office with over 10,764 sq. ft. of construction..
100% trained employees ready to work..
We have units to transport their boards and staff.
ADJ has a land bank of 20,528 sq.ft.

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We offer services in production line and representing providers.

We are ready to deal with claims and failures before they become major problems.

We ship fast and effective information to help identify the source of the problems.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.